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* Poisoned enemies increase Physical/Magical Critical Chances and Basic/skill Atk.
Attacking Poisoned targets increases Physical/Magical Critical Chances and Basic/Skill Atk.
* {{IconLink|Conversion}} is also applied to {{IconLink|Sand Splash}} and Advanced skills.
Also adds {{IconLink|Sand Splash}} and other Advanced skills to {{IconLink|Conversion}}.
* Increases {{IconLink|Poison (Status)}} level for the Poison Master skills and {{IconLink|Bleeding (Status)}}/{{IconLink|Burn (Status)}}/{{IconLink|Slow (Status)}} levels for {{IconLink|Hidden Stinger}}, {{IconLink|Explosive Hook}}, {{IconLink|Poisonous Explosive Hook}}, {{IconLink|Explosive Poison}}, and {{IconLink|Compact Explosive Poison}}
*{{SP per level|80}}
*{{SP per level|80}}

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Art of Poisons.png Art of Poisons

No Video
2nd Awakening Passive Skill

Female Brawler

Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 75
Prerequisite Skills: None


Attacking Poisoned targets increases Physical/Magical Critical Chances and Basic/Skill Atk.

Also adds Sand Splash.png Sand Splash and other Advanced skills to Conversion.png Conversion.


  • SP per level: 80


  • Reapplying Poison (Status).png Poison (Status) to an enemy refreshes the duration of the buff.

Skill Growth


Level Required
Skill Atk.Increase Critical
Abnormal Status
Lvl Increase
1 75 10 sec 10% 14% 14
2 78 12% 16% 16
3 81 14% 18% 18
4 84 16% 20% 20
5 87 18% 22% 22
6 90 20% 24% 24
7 93 22% 26% 26


Female Brawler Skills
Active:Apply Poison.png Apply Poison Brick Buster.png Brick Buster Double Throw.png Double Throw Ground Kick.png Ground Kick Heaven's Net.png Heaven's Net Hidden Stinger.png Hidden Stinger Junk Spin.png Junk Spin Mount (Female).png Mount Taunt.png Taunt Venom Mine.png Venom Mine
Passive:Brawler Heavy Armor Mastery.png Brawler Heavy Armor Mastery Claw Mastery.png Claw Mastery Overstrain.png Overstrain Poison Resistance.png Poison Resistance Raging Vulcan (Female).png Raging Vulcan
Awakening:Block Bomb.png Block Bomb Deadly Blood.png Deadly Blood Poison Mist.png Poison Mist Poisonous Explosive Hook.png Poisonous Explosive Hook
2nd Awakening:Art of Poisons.png Art of Poisons Compact Explosive Poison.png Compact Explosive Poison Disease Queen - Poison Mine.png Disease Queen - Poison Mine Explosive Poison.png Explosive Poison Forbidden Art- Viper Den.png Forbidden Art: Viper Den Snake Stance.png Snake Stance

Female Fighter Skills
Active:Air Walk (Female).png Air Walk Crouch.png Crouch Doppelganger.png Doppelganger Explosive Hook.png Explosive Hook Hammer Kick (Female).png Hammer Kick Low Kick.png Low Kick Muse's Uppercut.png Muse's Uppercut Nen Shot.png Nen Shot Sand Splash.png Sand Splash Seismic Crash.png Seismic Crash Suplex.png Suplex Tiger Chain Strike (Female).png Tiger Chain Strike Tornado Kick.png Tornado Kick
Passive:Iron Physique.png Iron Physique Tiger's Roar (Female).png Tiger's Roar
Albert Quest:Apply Poison.png Apply Poison Crushing Fist.png Crushing Fist Neck Snap.png Neck Snap Suplex Thunder.png Suplex Thunder

General Skills
Active:Ancient Memory.png Ancient Memory Backstep.png Backstep Indomitable Spirit.png Indomitable Spirit Leap.png Leap Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound
Passive:Basic Armor Mastery.png Basic Armor Mastery Basic Training.png Basic Training Conversion.png Conversion Latent Power.png Latent Power Magical Critical.png Magical Critical Magical Rear Attack.png Magical Rear Attack Physical Critical.png Physical Critical Physical Rear Attack.png Physical Rear Attack Throw Mastery.png Throw Mastery