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Town Invasion

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

What's Town Invasion?

The Town Invasion Defense has Dungeon Fighters fighting off hordes of monsters that have invaded the town. If the city is successfully protected, everyone will reap the benefits, and special rewards are given for every so many monsters killed.


Introduced in the Act VIII Patch, Town Invasion is a bi-weekly event.

Town Invasion occurs:

  • Every Wednesday; 6:00pm - 7:00pm PST

Monsters will invade the town and the entire Server must band together to fight off the hordes. Monsters will only appear in Downtown Hendon Myre, Hendon Myre Lane, by Hendon Myre’s City Hall, West Coast and Downtown West Coast.

When the Town Invasion Defense event begins, the Monster Kill Points window will appear at the top-right of your screen. This keeps track of the time remaining for the event, the Server's total Monster Kill Points, and your personal Monster Kill Points.

1 Monster Kill Point will be given for defeating each monster in your immediate town area. The cumulative Monster Kill Points for the entire server will be tallied. If the sum of all Monster Kill Points reaches or exceeds the server’s Goal, the Town Invasion Defense is deemed a success! If the sum of all Monster Kill Points does not meet or exceed the server’s Goal, the Town Invasion Defense is deemed unsuccessful!

To challenge the monsters, you must use the "Fight" command, by holding the left control key and clicking on an enemy.

When the challenge is accepted, the battle begins and you must attempt to defeat the monsters within a limited time. The monsters' difficulty level will adjust to match the level of the highest level Dungeon Fighter in your party. When you defeat a monster, experience appropriate for your level will be granted to you. If you fail to defeat the monsters, or fail to defeat them within the given time period, you will become a ghost for 10 seconds. As a ghost, you can neither move nor talk to NPC's.


As you help defend the town, you'll see many familiar faces of the monsters you've faced (or have yet to face). As mentioned, the monsters' levels are tied to your highest-leveled Party member. Monsters are classified by rank in order of difficulty. In most cases, what you challenge is what you'll face...usually.

Monster refers to the actual monster you'll see on the screen. Party Composition lists the mobs you'll face if you challenge a particular monster.

Monster Party Composition
Goblin Chief
Tau Assaulter
GBL Zealot
GBL Archbishop Corrupted GBL Zealot, He'etako Thrower, Female GBL Zealot, Invader, Stickle
GBL High Priest
Ice Tiger
Bloodgaru Bloodgarus, King's Relic Knights
Hyper Mecha Tau Hyper Mecha Tau, Tau Captain, Minitau,


There is some incentive to actually defend the town!

For your individual efforts, you can get some nice rewards based on the number of times you used the "Fight" command. These rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

# of Times "Fight" Used Reward Revamped Reward
3 Times 2 Blue Panacea
Southern Dale Pass
2 Blue Panacea
4 Southern Dale Pass
5 Times 2 Red Panacea
Southern Dale Pass
2 Red Panacea
10 Times 2 Life Tokens
Southern Dale Pass
2 Life Tokens
25 Times 2 Town Guardian Boxes 2 Town Guardian Boxes
50 Times Town Guardian Title (1~2 Day Duration)
  • Town Guardian Box Contents: 2 of the following items at random: Grey Growth Potion, Kaleido Box, Earth Demon Scroll, Cosmo Demon Scroll, Fallen Demon Scroll, Skeleton Key Fragment, 2 Blue Panacea, 2 Red Panacea.

The Top 3 Dungeon Fighters who accumulate the most Monster Kill Points during the Town Invasion will be rewarded with the Town Guardian Captain Title. The Town Guardian Captain title will be awarded via in-game mail as soon as the Town Invasion ends.

Server Rewards
If the Town Invasion Defense is successful, the following rewards will be given to the whole server for 30 minutes!

Skill Cooldown Time -15%
All Skill Levels +1
Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, and Spirit +10


Should the server fail to repel the monster invasion, the residents of Arad will express their disappointment (for 30 minutes) when you chat with them. Certain NPC functionalities such as disassembling and reinforcing items cannot be performed for 10 minutes. Delilah will not be affected, and Dungeon Fighters will be able to repair their items with her at the end of a dungeon clear.