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The Great Skill Metastasis Project

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Currently with the advant of numerous skill updates, much of the wiki is VERY VERY outdated. This is sad.

A new set of templates and tools have been made to unify the skills on the wiki.

Updating Directions

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to Everspace or Dfoplayer.

Things to check for every class

1. Check the class page vs. the current version of DFOG to make sure all the skills are listed.

2. Check that every skill is named properly (no misspellings, capitalization errors, or word switches).

  • If it isn’t, use the “move” function to rename the page to it’s proper name. It is located in the drop down menu arrow in the top right of the screen, inbetween the Watchlist Star and the Search Box.
  • Upon renaming a page, the associated skill icon’s name would also have to be changed (using the same method).
  • For skills that are shared between genders (see the warning below), please rename any of the assorted versions you see to <SkillName> (Male) or <SkillName> (Female).

*Is there a way to automatically get rid of dumb redirects? Like, some are tolerable like if a skill used to be called something completely different, but if it’s just like “Gaurd.png” -> “Guard.png” there should be an easy way to take care of that.
3. Check that every skill icon matches the icon in game.

  • If it doesn’t, or the skill icon is missing, upload a new version of the icon.
  • Please be sure that all skill icon image uploads are PNGs, as opposed to BMPs which are way too big, and JPGs/GIFs which get a lot of artifacts. Try to find already existing .png icons and move them over to the new name instead of uploading a new icon.


Currently, MFighterIcon.pngMGunnerIcon.png Male and FighterIcon.pngFGunnerIcon.png Female classes that have shared skills are currently being moved around and adjusted. Gunners are more plesant because skills that share the same name are "the same", but Fighters have very tangled skills like Venom Mine and Mount which even has a different icon between the genders so more discussion needs to be done about them.

Things that need to happen to skill pages

Skill Pages Information

Skills pages with outdated information are currently marked with {{Missing Info}}. For any willing to contribute, we need this information to be updated to match the current version of DFOG. Note: You can find all outdated pages, whether they be a Skill, Dungeon, or Town, in Category:Missing Info.

Examples of the quality expected for each page are shown by: Contract- Hodor.png Contract: Hodor, Spirit Bond.png Spirit Bond, Lesser Spirit- Wisp.png Lesser Spirit: Wisp, and Fusion Craft.png Fusion Craft.

Category:Formatting Templates

When working with attributes, there are many ways to format a skill page. To help with confusion and keep things simple, use the formatting templates (found above).

List of minimum required information

  • SP cost / TP cost
  • Cast Time (both PVE and PVP)
  • Cooldown (both PVE and PVP)
  • Number of Hits (both PVE and PVP)
  • Cube cost (if applicable)
  • Manual cast MP and CD benefit (if applicable)
  • Cancelable (if applicable)
  • Elemental damage inflicted (if applicable)
  • Status effects caused (if applicable)


Any skills that had previously been what is called "Fixed Damage", should now be called Absolute Damge.

This is the same plain number in skill tooltips, but now changes when you have different amounts of Independent Attack Damage.

To prevent edit wars when two people have different weapons, this template shows the new ratio that is hidden behind the tooltip when you enter in the values it wants.


Shows the following:

max-width:200px 100

[[File:Skill Name.png]]

Unlike BMP which is way too big, and JPG/GIFs which get a lot of artifacts, skill icons are now being migrated to match the page they belong to, in addition to being replaced by their nicer png cousins.

Try to find already existing .png icons and move it over to the new name instead of uploading a new icon.

PVP Information

If the PVE and PVP values are the same, please make a note above the skill table

If a skill page is missing PVP information, DO NOT delete the {{Missing Info}} tag.

Template:Missing Info

The majority of the pages, whether they be a Skill, Dungeon, or Town, has been revised during the Metastasis update. Please update the page to the current revision that Dungeon Fighter Online Global uses. You can find all the outdated pages in Category:Missing Info.


Currently, many skills are uncategorized. To effectively allow users to navigate through the skills, they need to be categorized in the Template SkillPage's Parameters (Gender, Class, Type or Type2). Use the tabs on the right to check what is missing.


Use the tabs on the right to see all available skills


Assume that any skill that appears in these automatically generated lists that doesn't use any of the of the above is outdated, and the skill info should be replaced.

Skills that have Missing Info


Could not find any skills listed for this class. Skills may not have the Category:General Skills or Category:General TP Skills yet.

Male Slayer

Blade Master

Soul Bender


Could not find any skills listed for this class. Skills may not have the Category:Berserker Skills or Category:Berserker TP Skills yet.


Female Slayer

Could not find any skills listed for this class. Skills may not have the Category:Female Slayer Skills or Category:Female Slayer TP Skills yet.

Sword Master

Dark Templar

Demon Slayer


Female Fighter

Female Nen Master

Female Striker

Female Brawler

Female Grappler

Male Fighter

Male Nen Master

Male Striker

Male Brawler

Male Grappler

Male Gunner

Male Ranger

Male Mechanic

Male Spitfire

Male Launcher

Female Gunner

Female Ranger

Female Mechanic

Female Spitfire

Female Launcher

Female Mage



Battle Mage


Male Mage

Elemental Bomber

Glacial Master


Could not find any skills listed for this class. Skills may not have the Category:Priest Skills or Category:Priest TP Skills yet.


Could not find any skills listed for this class. Skills may not have the Category:Crusader Skills or Category:Crusader TP Skills yet.








Shadow Dancer


Could not find any skills listed for this class. Skills may not have the Category:Knight Skills or Category:Knight TP Skills yet.

Elven Knight



Dark Knight