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The End of Luke

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To Zelva with a Heart Full of Hope

Level 86
Quest Giver Kasijas
Briefing Kasijas: "You're not going there to have fun. Depending on the situation, you might have to kill an Apostle. Are you sure you can do that to Luke?"

Niu: "I can't say I am, but Kasijas, there' something I have to know. Someone has been completely different person all of the sudden, and I want to know why."

Kasijas: "Obviously, that's Luke's doing. No one can change all of a sudden without intervention from some higher forces."

Niu: "..."

Pai: "...Sister."

Niu: "...Okay. I don't want to be a burden. Someone has to stay here and watch the forest, anyway. Adventurer, if you happen to meet Aslan in the Castle of the Dead, could oyu please ask him if he doesn't want to come back? I know we've just met and it's presumptuous of me to ask you personal favors. And Pipi probably wouldn't approve of this, but Aslan is the reason why we're here. I can't... I can't leave him the way he is. Ah... Thank you. Thank you so much, Adventurer."

Dana Donatel: "Then... Von, what are you going to do? You might have to be responsible for Luke's death, and that's not what you want, is it? Why don't you stay here?"

Hunter Von: "*Whine* But I'm a member of my guild. I dread waht we might have to do, but I don't want to run away. And my friends need me to navigate the way back for them. Adventurer, I didn't sit around with my thumb up my butt while you were busy fighting. Instead, I've checked all the bypaths and resting spots. I Bet no one knows the routes between Central Park and the Castle of the Dead better than I do. *Ahem*"

Dana Donatel: "Ho ho. I see. Then please forget what I said. Now, Adventurer, it's time you leave and bring hope back to those who have been waiting for you."
Objectives Return to Zelva and talk to Hunter Von.
Upon Completion Hunter Von: "Ugh, I knew that route by hear, but I didn't know it'd be so tough using it. Maybe I should choose an easier route than a shortcut next time... *Whine* By the way, the Castle of the Dead looks more dreadful than it was before. Luke..."
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Hurry Back to Luke

Volunteering for War

Altar of Light

Altar of Darkness

To Luke's Lab

Apostle Luke

Returning Princess

Jurgen's Assurance

Where's Azalea

Goodbye, Azalea

Scattering People

Princess Erje's Request

Reporting to Kate

Plans for the Future

Level 86
Quest Giver Kate
Dungeon Red Witch's Forest
Briefing Kate: "What are you going to do now? The Black Nightmare that threatened Arad disappeared along with Luke. Now that the root of evil that you've pursued is gone, you have nothing else to do. ...I understand. I don't know if I can think of you the same as I do other adventurers, but if going back to what you used to--a carefree adventurer--is what you want, then so be it. I assume you'll meet new people and visit new places, practicing your fighting skills and quenching your thirst for knowledge, huh? Maybe this is a new beginning for you as an adventurer. *Chuckle* You're enthusiastic, aren't you? I like it. Central Park welcomes you. Feel free to stay here when you come to Pandemonium. Niu? She knows that already. She knew he couldn't be saved, but she refused to believe it. She was depressed, but she's getting out of it, slowly. This is one of the things she has to endure. Fortunately, she's strong and her sisters are there for her. She'll get over this soon. Don't worry. ...Oh, right. Kasijas said he'd be in the forest. Maybe he knew you were coming. Why don't you go see him?"
Objectives Find Kasijas in the Red Witch's Forest.
Upon Completion Kasijas: "Hilder knows you're wary of her, but she doesn't care because she's an Apostle, and you're just a human, no matter how powerful you are. You don't think you're the only one who has drawn her attention, do you? You're more impressive than anyone else, but the moment she thinks you've become useless, she'll abandon you without hesitance, like she did Luke. I don't know what Hilder is up to, and I don't care. But I'm not you. If you want to live, if you don't want to be abandoned like garbage, then find out what she's up to. Find out what she knows, what she wants, everything. It's the only way you can survive. Survive whatever fate throws at you. Become stronger. I want it to be you whom I have to fight before I fight Cain."
  • Expicon.png 4,121,773 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold
Dungeon Map
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