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The Grand Blue Lore Order of Arad

  • A mind-controlled religious following based in Middle Ocean.
  • They are a staple enemy of Behemoth dungeons (similar to how Goblins are staples of the Forest dungeons).
Name Description Location
GBL Zealot Purple-robed GBL member that stabs with a knife. Outer Wall
GBL Cleric Green-robed GBL member that stabs and throws knives. Can heal allies. Outer Wall, Silver Night
GBL High Priest Dark Blue-robed GBL member that stabs with a knife and has a knockback aura. Outer Wall
GBL Archbishop White-robed GBL member that attacks with a knife and lightning. Outer Wall, Silver Night
Minister of Dawn Aqua-robed GBL member that throws knives. Outer Wall
Minister of Twilight Bright orange-robed GBL member. Dendroid Jungle
Minister of Shadow Pitch-black robed GBL member. Purgatorium
Minister of Light Bright green-robed GBL member. Silver Night
Female GBL Zealot Pink-robed GBL member that stabs with a knife. Considerably faster than its male counterpart. GBL Laboratory
Corrupt GBL Zealot Robed GBL member with octopus legs that stabs with a knife. GBL Arad Branch, GBL Laboratory, GBL Hatchery
Isadora Purple-robed GBL member. Boss of GBL Arad Branch. Possesses many powerful attacks. GBL Arad Branch
Vangelis Red-robed GBL member. Boss of GBL Hatchery. Possesses strong attacks and summons many powerful enemies. GBL Hatchery