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Faris, the Sewer Princess

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FarisIcon.png Faris, the Sewer Princess
Age 23
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Renowned Female Brawler
Location Sewer

Faris, the Sewer Princess, is a known Female Brawler that first appeared as a miniboss in Shallow Keep, but after the Great Metastasis, Faris now resides in the Sewer as an ally. She is the underground leader of the Myre Cleanup operation. She was renowned in the past for sparring with Shonan Aska. She is easy to anger and is straight to the point when dealing with others. While she seems harsh and hard to deal with, she knows how to get her job done.


  • Quest Giver.


Request Chat

  • Hey, cut it out. How many times do I have to tell you that I don't like noise?
Do that again, and I'll cut your throat.
Oh, you're going to report me? Please, who do you think will listen to you?
If you don't want to die, keep your mouth shut and stay low. Got it?
  • Do you want to have a match with me?
You must have a death wish. Well, I'm not a genie, so get lost!
  • Hmph, you look like you've never had a hard time in your life.
What, you're an adventurer? Say that again, and my friends will laugh in your face.
Even a ten-year-old has more fights under his belt than you.
  • If you meet someone who wants to die, bring him to me.
I can never have enough test subjects for my new deadly poison.
Win-win for both of us.


  • "Are you looking at me? Get a move on!"
  • "Hey! Do not block my vision!"
  • "Here, if you're asking permission to leave, I'll gladly give it you!"
  • "Huh?...I just picked these four and they're already brittle"

Conversation start

  • "What!"
  • "Do you need my help? Do you even know who I am?"
  • "Stop annoying me, what is your problem?

Conversation end

  • "I hope you go away soon"
  • "Agh, I'm tired!"
  • "Psh, you'll probably end up dead like the rest of them"



As an Enemy

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Icon Sewer Queen Faris.jpg Faris, the Sewer Princess

Sewer Queen Faris.jpg

Type TypeHuman.png
Class Brawler
Level 44
Dungeons Shallow Keep
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Sewer Princess Faris in-game portrait


Extremely dangerous! A Brawler APC found on Shallow Keep, who is a special quest enemy.

Move List

  • Suplex
  • Raging Vulcan
  • Mount
  • Brick Buster
  • Double Throw
  • Spams Berserk Dragon Cries
  • Spams disks and projectile weapons
  • Constantly plants Screaming Plants
  • Equipped with Gileimo, she has a chance to reflect damage done to her back to the attacker.


  • The Sewer Princess Faris APC Doll that can be made from Animator will still be wearing her old outfit.