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Basic Overview

  • Generally any tradable items can be registered for an auction.
  • Without a certificate (Cash Item), only the maximum of 5 items can be registered at once.
  • With a certificate, maximum of 30 items--including any avatar or creature items--can be registered at once.
  • The above rule applies for each character, not for entire account.
  • Click on the center button or B key in default settings.
  • Item listing remains the same for all channels in the same server.
  • Auction items must be registered by paying deposit of 10k and entering following prices:
  • Buy Now: A fixed price for buyers to purchase an item instantly by paying the required sum to the seller. Empty this field to disable buy now option.
  • Bidding: The initial price for buyers to start bidding. The highest bidder at the end of time duration wins the item. Empty this field to disable bidding option.
At least one of the two field must have numerical entry to be registered.
  • Auction transaction is processed individually for each character.
  • Character A can register an item for character B in the same account to purchase.
  • Character A and B can list separate items to sell/bid/buy.
  • Once the item is registered, it stays in auction regardless of user's online status.
  • If the seller terminates the listed item before the time ends, the seller loses the deposit of 10k along with trust point.


  • Once the listed item is sold, the seller will receive in-game notification mail outlining the transaction.
  • The mail includes total sum earned: Deposit of 10k + Price of Item Sold - Transaction Fee
  • The mail doesn't disclose the name of buyer.
  • If the listed item is not sold until the end of its duration, the seller will receive the item and deposit back through in-game notification mail.
  • This mail has permanent duration until the user retrieves it.
  • Bidder must place a bid that is higher than 5% of its previous bid.
  • If the item exceeds the average final price, the user will receive a warning message before placing a bid.
  • The buyer will receive item through a mail which includes the name of item and the seller.