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Albert Bernstein

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AlbertIcon.png Albert Bernstein
Age 17
Sex Male
Race Human/Dark Elf hybrid
Occupation Duelist
Location Hendon Myre

Albert Bernstein is a duelist in Hendon Myre. Born of a Dark Elf mother and a human father, he displayed great prowess in martial arts from an early age. Consequently, his zealous mother reared the prodigy with high-level education in various martial arts. Despite his reputation as a purported master of nearly all combat techniques known in Arad, the intense egotism originating from his privileged life appears to prevent him from receiving the recognition that he may deserve. Those in the know, however, claim his actual depth of knowledge is but disappointing. During his time in Hendon Myre, he was attempting to bring new students under his tutelage; he has had little success so far.


  • Quest Giver.


Request Chat

  • What brings you? I can tell you want something from me, but I'm not a philanthropist. I won't share my knowledge with just anybody. If that upsets you, then prove to me that you're different from the others. Then I might change my mind about you.
  • There's an old saying, "The one who was born a genius can't win against the one who tries, and the one who tries can't win against the one who enjoys." What if there's a born genius who tries hard and also enjoys what he does? Now do you get it? That's right, that person is me.
  • Jealously without power is pathetic. Cowardly. Ugly. Worthless! If you're jealous of someone because he's stronger than you, then grow stronger, so you can beat him fair and square. Don't be a coward who suffers from an inferiority complex. Be someone who earns the envy of others.


  • Hmph.
  • *Yawn* There's nothing to do.
  • How is it that I'm so perfect?
  • Hm, I hear my mother's voice. Where is it coming from?
  • Don't you dare think about using me.

Conversation start

  • So why are you here?
  • Are you going to entertain me?
  • The name is Albert Bernstein.
  • Want me to teach you my skills?
  • Ha, I know why you've come to see me.

Conversation end

  • You have a lot to learn.
  • Maybe next time you might actually entertain me.
  • How about it? Don't you feel smarter now?
  • I don't teach my skills to just anyone, you know.


AlberIngame.png Lunar Festival Summer Christmas