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Luke's Laboratory

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Luke's Laboratory
Location Zelva/Pandemonium
Min. Level 90 (86 for Scenario)
Level 90
Monster Level 110 (86-88 for Scenario)
End Boss Icon-Constructor Luke.png Constructor Luke
Luke's Laboratory Map
Luke's Laboratory Loading Screen

Luke's Laboratory is Apostle Luke's secret research area in the Castle of the Dead. It can only be accessed by players who are at least Level 90 and have completed the Level 86 Epic Quest Epic Quest Icon.png Plans for the Future.



Berserk Monster Feature

Left: Normal/Right: Berserk rising
  • The Berserk pattern has been added to the Named and Boss monsters of the Normal Luke dungeon.
  • Each monster is given a different Berserk gauge depending on its characteristics.
  • Your actions fill the Berserk gauge, and when it's full, the Berserk pattern is activated, activating a certain gimmick.
  • You can check the Berserk gauge below the monster HP UI.
  • Each monster requires different conditions for filling their Berserk gauge.
  • The Berserk gauge decreases at regular intervals except for certain monsters


Luke (Normal)

Dungeon Name Level
Sanctuary of Birth.png Sanctuary of Birth 86-110
Sanctuary of Destruction.png Sanctuary of Destruction 86-110
Sanctuary of Dispersion.png Sanctuary of Dispersion 86-110
Altar of Light.png Altar of Light 88-110
Altar of Darkness.png Altar of Darkness 88-110
Solium Machina.png Solium Machina 88-110