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Quests are missions completed to earn Gold and EXP. This guide will give you hints and details on what to do on certain quests, and what quests there are.

Icon Category Explanation
EpicQuest.png Epic Quest Main Story Quests; complete these to unlock more Quests and get substantial rewards.
LimitedQuest.png Limited Quest Daily quests that are available for completion once per day.
DailyChallenge.png Daily Challenge Series of Randomized mini quests for daily EXP and Items.
Feat quest icon.png Feat Quest Special quests that don't exactly fit into the other categories. Includes PvP Quests,
1st Chronicle, Special Equipment Quests, and the like.
ClassChangeQuest.png Job Advancement Quest Class Change or Awakening Quests
CreatureQuest.png Creature Quest Creature Evolution Quest; Quests that allow certain Creatures to evolve when completed.
EventQuest.png Event Quest Special Event quests that are available for a limited time.
Profession quest.png Profession Quest Quest that allows you to choose one of 4 Professions.
Mission Quest Icon.png Mission Quest Quests that are acquired during Circulation or Mirror Arad dungeon runs.
Storybook.png Storybook Side quests that explain lore not included in the Epic Quest lines.

Quest Name Color

The color of the quest name in an indication of how much gold/exp reward one can expect from completion.

  • Orange = No character level restriction = 100% gold and exp reward (gold and exp scale per level)
  • Red / Yellow = 0 - 6 level(s) lower than your character level = 100% gold and exp reward
  • Green = 7 - 11 levels lower than your character level = -20% gold and +20% exp reward
  • Grey = more than 11 levels lower than your character level = -40% gold and +40% exp reward


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